Return to Work Cleaning: Protecting Employees and Customers After COVID-19

If your business was impacted by COVID-19 and things are now returning back to normal, remember that we live in a new norm these days. People are still scared of contracting or spreading the virus as lives continue to be lost amongst the pandemic. To ensure the health, safety and peace of mind of both employees and customers, schedule Return to Work cleaning service.

This service is available to businesses in every industry and a worthwhile service before anyone returns to the workplace.

A Return to Work cleaning service ensures your office is ready to accommodate employees back into the building. A commercial cleaning crew comes out and ensures that it is safe and clean. On top of traditional cleaning services, the cleaners can also disinfect the place. You can also take advantage of additional pandemic-specific cleaning tasks if you would like.

The usual services included in a ‘Return to Work’ cleaning include:

·    Cafeteria and kitchen cleaning

·    Surface cleaning

·    Floor cleaning

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·    Window cleaning

·    Disinfecting surfaces

·    Workspace Station cleaning

·    Sanitation service

You can pick and choose services that suit the needs of your business in addition to those listed out above. Meeting the needs of your business is what matters to cleaning professionals.

The cost to hire a commercial cleaning company in Virginia Beach, VA for return to work cleaning differs according to the size of the facility, the number of employees, and the type of cleaning services you schedule. Rest assured the cost is minimal in comparison to the benefits it provides to your workplace.

Request estimates from three or four companies to ensure the best rates for cleaning service. This takes very little time and most companies offer the estimates to customers at no cost upon request.