Understanding Crime Before You Commit Them

The world is filled with good people and there are bad people.  There are also going to be good people who do something that is typically out of character and when they do, they could be facing trouble with the law.  When this happens, you will need to know how a judge looks at these crimes and how the laws are written.

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For many in Orange County Bail Bonds, they see lots of people walk in and out of their doors.  Some of these people are good people who had made a mistake and need help to resolve it, and others are people that revolve through their doors so much that they have their name on a coffee cup.  The idea is to be the latter. 

When approaching a company such as Acme Bail Bonds, they will look at you and the crime you are accused of and then, using the law, determine if you are a good fit to be released on bond or if you should stay in jail.   The judge will also look at the same criteria in order to determine what your bond should be.

Seriousness of the crime

The first criteria will always be the seriousness of the crime.  If you walk against the light and cause a traffic accident it will fall lower on the scale compared to committing a violent crime.  If the crime isn’t that serious the judge m ay release you on your own recognizance which basically means that you are free to go, be a good boy or girl and show up to court. 

Public Safety

The next criteria they will look at is your threat against public safety.  For example, if you drive drunk or if you were involved in a violent crime, then the safety of the community may be at stake and you should be locked up until your trial date.  If you don’t pose a safety risk then you may be released.

There are many different reasons why you will have different bonds.  These are just a few of the basic criteria that a judge and a bondsman will look at before making a decision.