Why Do Mosquitoes Suck Your Blood

Every year we hope that the mosquitoes will possibly leave us alone, and every year they prove us wrong. Come summer, and you can barely take a walk in your backyard, let alone play with your kids. An easy solution is to get in touch with mosquito control in Mundelein and have the mosquito problem eradicated.

But this annual trouble caused by the tiny pests must have led you to the question – why do mosquitoes bite us so much? The answer is – they need our blood. But why do they need human blood to survive? Let’s find out.

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Reasons Why Mosquitoes Need Our Blood

If you did not know, it’s time you learned – male mosquitoes do not usually bite us. It is the female of the species that sit on our skin and suck our blood.

The chief reason behind this action is reproduction. Female mosquitoes need our blood to nourish their bodies and prepare it for egg-bearing. Human blood is rich in amino acids and protein, which act as a nutritional supplement for a fertile female mosquito during its egg-laying period.

The more blood a female mosquito drinks, the stronger will be her babies. This is the main reason females of the species frequently attack us.

The males, on the other hand, mostly survive on plant juice and flower nectars. They do not sting humans as they do not need our blood for any particular purpose.

However, recent studies have shown that even male mosquitoes can bite humans to quench their thirst in drier areas where there is not enough vegetation. New mosquito-borne diseases like West Nile Fever, which frequently happens in arid regions, helped prove this new finding.

Wrapping Up

Whatever be the reason mosquitoes bite, they still pose an immense threat. They can transfer disease with their stings regardless of the cause. That is why you need to remain prepared to prevent mosquito bites at all costs.